Groups for Mentors / Teachers


Create a group

Create a group choosing an appropriate group name

(the name can be changed later)

You can now add an image for your group that displays for learners.

Invite learners to join your group

  1. Open your group by clicking on it

  2. Click "+ Add Learner"

  3. Display or send the invite code to your learners. Note: You can "Change Code" if it is confusing.

How learners join your group

  1. Learners click on "Groups" in the menu and add the group code you displayed to them

  2. Learners need to click "Accept" to consent to share their profile data with their mentor and your organisation

What you see after learners join your group

Learners tiles will be displayed in your group

What is the maximum number of groups and learners in a group?

  • There is no limit to the number of groups you can create in your mentor dashboard
  • There is no limit to the number of learners you can have in your group
  • Learners can belong to multiple groups in your organisation
  • Learners can also belong to groups in other organisations

Pinning Chosen Groups for Quick Access

Some mentors/teachers may end up with several groups or they could have the role of Mentor/Manager which gives them access to all of the organisation's groups. Groups are displayed alphabetically so rather than scroll to groups you access most, you can pin them to the top.

Sharing ownership of a Group with other mentors

Mentor group owners can invite other teachers/mentors in your organisation to share ownership of their group. This means that only one mentor needs to create the group and invite students to join.

Some use cases for this are when:

  • Two or more teachers are working with a class
  • You want to share your group with a reliever or a trainee teacher etc
  • Form teachers share their group with their Year Level Dean.

Open your group on your mentor dashboard and follow these instructions:

Search or scroll for the mentor/teacher and click Add

***IMPORTANT - You will only view other mentors if they have already activated a mentor dashboard in your school or organisation.

You can share your group ownership with more than one teacher/mentor if needed

You can also transfer ownership of your group by first adding another mentor/teacher and then deleting yourself

Removing students from a group


  1. When you delete/remove a student from a group you are NOT deleting anything from their profile including Notes & To-dos. The only thing that they will lose access to is the group discussion.
  2. The student needs to be in at least one group to remain connected to your school/organisation. If the student ONLY belongs to your group that you are deleting them from, then they will be disconnected from your school/organisation.

To delete/remove a student just open the group and then click the "bin" icon next to their name:

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