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MyMahi has a growing bank of over 150 click-and-play lessons that can be built into school-wide mentoring programmes and, if appropriate, teaching programmes.

The main purpose of these lessons is to support mentoring programmes with structure and consistency while at the same time reducing teacher preparation workload.

Accessing the Lessons

For Mentors/Teachers

Lessons are accessed via the lesson link on the menu. This will only appear once you have an activated MyMahi Mentor Dashboard (see below)

For Learners

Learners can also access the lesson link on the menu but it only appears after they have connected to your school/organisation by joining a group.

Lesson Categories

The lessons are grouped under the following categories:

  • Careers (Pathways)- This includes a junior careers unit of 11 sequential lessons
  • Environment
  • Goals & Organisation
  • Learning & Engagement
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Wellbeing

Finding Lessons

Now with over 150 lessons, there are a variety of ways to find them:

1. Scrolling and Browsing each category and using "see more"

2. Filtering by Category and/or Tags

3. Searching for keyword(s) in the lesson description

How to use a lesson

  • Each lesson plays within MyMahi using Google Slides and can be expanded to full screen (see screenshot below)
  • Each lesson contains a handful of slides and is designed to be approximately 30 minutes long.
  • The lessons are designed to be used in a face2face environment with a class or group and to encourage discussion, though learners can access the lessons and go through them themselves.
  • They are flexible and can be easily adapted to the style of each teacher or mentor.
  • The lessons are easy-to-use where mentors or class teachers can just click and play.

Lesson Structure

Each lesson usually contains:

  1. A starter activity
  2. A resource (a short video or other)
  3. A reflection/discussion about the resource
  4. A do now activity
  5. A takeaway

Sharing a lesson with a student or a group

Though designed for display in a classroom environment, the lessons can be shared with individuals by copying and sharing the lesson link. Lessons can also be shared via the MyMahi Group Discussion feature or via whatever system that you normally use with your group such as email, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams etc. IMPORTANT: When students click on the lesson link then they are directed to log into MyMahi to access it.

Copying the lesson link

To copy the lesson link you would normally open the lesson and copy (ctrl-c) the hyperlink. However, MyMahi has made it even easier by providing a "Copy link" button on each lesson.

Favouriting a Lesson

To make it even easier for you to find and use lessons, you can favourite (star) a lesson which adds it to the favourites section at the top of the lessons page. Once done with the lesson, just click on the favourite (star) again.

Marking a lesson as taught

You can mark lessons as taught which fades them allowing you to easily see which lessons you have already used with your mentor group.

School-wide Mentoring Programmes

Many schools allocate a specific time during the week when teachers and other adults are given to mentor their student group. These groups are given various names including Ako Groups, Tutor Groups, Whanau Groups, Mentor Groups, Form Groups, Home Groups, etc.

School leaders are finding it more effective to provide a mentoring programme where each Mentor Group Leader works through a different theme each week.

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