How to get access to a Mentor Dashboard

To access a mentor dashboard your school or organisation administrator needs to send you an activation invite so please contact them.

If your school or organisation is not yet using the MyMahi Mentor Platform then send a request through to 

First Access to your Mentor Dashboard

  1. You will have received an invitation email from your school administrator (see example below). Click on “Redeem invitation Code”

  2. Log in with your school or organisation Google or Microsoft Account (you cannot log in by any other method)

  3. You will be taken to MyMahi Business (Admin) Dashboard. Click “REDEEM”

  4. Click the link (see below) to go to the activated Mentor Dashboard

  5. Once Activated, a Mentor Link will appear on the MyMahi App (Web & Mobile)

To re-access your Mentor Dashboard

  1. Go to and click login (top right)

  2. Choose the SAME Google or Microsoft Account as you previously used to log in.