Why the Group Discussion Tool?

During COVID-19 Lockdown MyMahi rapidly developed a shared group discussion feature to enable teachers to post information to their group and for members of the group to easily communicate with their mentor and with other members of the group

Mentor access to the Group Discussion

Mentors access the group discussion tool by opening their group and clicking on the "Discussion" link

Learner access to the Group Discussion

Learners access the group discussion tool by clicking on "Groups" and then the discussion symbol for a group.


Group Discussion Notifications

We have TWO methods of notifications to students or mentors if new posts are added to the group discussion.

Email Notification

All members of the group will receive an email 15 minutes after a member (mentor or learner) posts to it.

If further posts are made before they visit the discussion they will not receive another email. Once they visit the discussion then they are able to receive further email notifications of new discussions.

Red Notification Bubble

We also have a highly visible notification system within MyMahi. When either a mentor or student opens their app they will clearly see a notification of new discussion posts and how many there are. See below

Student View of new discussion posts:

Mentor View of new discussion posts

Deleting Discussion Comments

  • Students can only delete their own comments
  • Mentors (Teachers) can delete any comments, ie learners or their own

Pinning Discussion Comments

  • To enable a discussion comment such as a teacher instruction to remain in view for all group members, a Teacher/Mentor can pin a comment to the top of the discussion feed.
  • Just click again to unpin
  • You can pin more than one message including a student message

Blocking Learner Discussion Comments

In some cases, you may wish to disable learner comments in the discussion. You can easily Lock or Unlock Learner comments while still having the ability to post your own comments. 

(Please note that the group discussion is unlocked by default)

Using the Group Discussion Tool as a Class Homework Diary

With the ability to Pin discussion comments, teachers are able to use MyMahi groups as a student homework diary

Teachers adding homework instructions

A teacher can add instructions including a link to a resource, such as a MyMahi lesson link, and provide those instructions for the students in the group discussion. 

The example below shows a mentor teacher's instruction pinned to the top inviting students to add their thoughts to the group discussion:

Students adding homework instructions

Teachers can also ask a student to add homework for their class to their group discussion. Once the student has added it, the teacher can pin it to the top for as long as is needed. For example: