Did you know that you can link as many other email accounts to your MyMahi profile as you want?

Here's Why

You may be using your school or another organisation email to access your MyMahi profile. That is fine for now. But what when you leave or change schools or organisations. You will lose access to that email account and will not be able to access your valuable MyMahi profile.

You should link a personal email to your account also so that when you leave you still have access.

When you join another school or organisation. Log with your personal email first and then link that new organisation's account.

Warning: DO NOT log in before linking that account first or you will end up with two separate MyMahi profiles. These cannot be linked later.

Here's How

  1. Log in to the MyMahi learner app as you normally do
  2. Once logged in, click on your profile
  3. Then click on the "Link" button

  4. Log in to your other account, either Google or Microsoft
  5. Once logged in your new account will be linked. This means that you can now log in to your MyMahi profile with both email accounts. You can link even more email accounts if you want to.