User access management

To manage user access click on "Access Management" in the Admin Dashboard

Access roles explained

There are a number of roles (permissions) that users can be given within the MyMahi Platform. These are all managed within the Admin (Business) Dashboard. They are:

  1. Administrator - Has access to the organisation Admin (Business) Dashboard including inviting new users and assigning user roles
  2. Mentor - Has access to a Mentor Dashboard
  3. Mentor Manager - Has access to a Mentor Dashboard AND can access groups created by all other Mentors within the organisation
  4. Newsfeed Manager - Can post news to the organisation newsfeed within the MyMahi Admin Dashboard
  5. Opportunity Manager - Can post work-experience and job opportunities within MyMahi Ad
  6. Profile Manager - Can manage the organisation's business profile including the About section and adding Media (images and video)

Adding (inviting) new users

  1. You can invite new users to different roles in your organisation using just their email address.

  2. Choose one or more roles for your users and then enter individual or multiple email addresses (up to 50)
    You can paste multiple emails from a spreadsheet or list. If you do, be sure to click enter after they are pasted in.

  3. Invited users will appear in your Invitations Screen where you can see if they have redeemed their invitation

Adding or changing roles for existing users

You can only change or add additional roles for users that have redeemed an invitation.

*Note: As an administrator, you will not automatically have access to other features. You will need to follow the steps above to give yourself additional roles.

Deleting users