In the event that KAMAR data needs to be resynced please follow these instructions

Note: You will need Administrator Access to KAMAR to complete these steps


STEP 1. Click on Server and open Directory Services

STEP 2. Click on the "MyMahi" Directory service to open it [this was previously created by you or another KAMAR Admin]

STEP 3. IF "Check and Enable" box is unticked (below), then click on the "Check and Enable" button followed by "Ok" (steps 4-5): 

STEP 4. Go through Nrs 6-8 in the screenshot below

Note that the username and password are both mymahi

STEP 5. Follow Nrs 9-10 below to send a full update of KAMAR Assessment data.

Congratulations. You have now re-synced your school's KAMAR assessment data for students to access via the MyMahi student web and mobile app.