School-Wide Mentor Programmes = Structure & Consistency

Most often school leaders come to the conclusion that a school-wide programme should be implemented across the school in the form of dedicated time for teachers to support student learning, wellbeing and other aspects of their personal development. 

The time given to this varies widely across schools from 20 minutes once or twice a week to more than 60 minutes in one session. However, most schools settle for about 30 minutes a week. These times are given various names such as Ako time, Tutor time, Whanau time, Mentor time, Form time (extended) etc. The effectiveness of this time often varies widely and can be very reliant on the teacher working with their group. 

To help schools use this time more effectively to support students, MyMahi has provided Mentor Lessons (more information here) to support school leaders by providing quality resources to help them implement a programme that provides better structure and consistency across the school.

MyMahi Templates

Sample Year 11 Mentor Plan

This sample Year 11 plan (link here) is an example of what a Dean or Mentor Leader might develop for the mentor teachers of their year group.

The mentoring plan incorporates a range of themes and lesson resources from the MyMahi Template or from the school. You will note that the teaching and reinforcing of school values are incorporated into the plan. 

It is possible to hyperlink MyMahi lessons directly into the plan making it easier for mentor group leaders to find that week's lesson.

Blank Mentor Planning Template (2021)

Feel free to make a copy of this blank annual 2021 template (link here) to help develop your own school-wide or year group plan

What other schools are doing

Schools we have been working with have generously offered to share what they are doing. You are welcome to use their mentor plans as a resource to guide the development of your own programme.

Solway College (2021)

Cornerstone Christian School (2021)

Mt Albert Grammar School - Year 11 (2021)

Opunake High School (2021)

Greymouth High School (2020)

Horowhenua College (2020)

Waitara High School (2020)