The MyMahi Newsfeed is the homepage of the student app and receives thousands of views every day.

MyMahi adds our own content daily which is available to everyone.

Now you can add to the newsfeed for your organisation or school.

Who sees your organisation's newsfeed posts?

Every organisation, business and school, is able to add to the MyMahi student app newsfeed.

Anyone who follows your organisation will see your newsfeed posts in the main MyMahi newsfeed.

  • Students or employees who are connected to a Mentor Group from your organisation are automatically following your organisation.
  • Anyone can choose to follow your organisation by clicking the "Follow" button on your Business Profile page:

How do people find your school or organisation in order to follow your newsfeed?

For Schools, Tertiary and Businesses:

Users can find all organisations, including schools, tertiaries and commercial businesses, using the menu item "Search"

Who can Post to Your Newsfeed?

No one in your organisation can post to the newsfeed unless they are given the role of "Newsfeed Manager".

See Managing Users instructions here to assign that role to yourself or someone else.

Note: Only someone with Administrator access to the MyMahi Business Dashboard can assign roles.

Adding a Newsfeed Post 

If you have been assigned as a Newsfeed Manager it is very simple really. 

Login to MyMahi and then go to the Admin Dashboard

There are THREE main ways to post the newsfeed:

1. Create a link to a post and pulling the image and news from another site

  • You can link to any publicly accessible article on your school website or blogsite. 
  • You can also link to any other news websites such as Stuff News, and your school newsletter.
  • Note: This will not work for pages requiring users to login such as Facebook

  1. Copy the link to your article (this example is the hyperlink to a Nayland College Website News Article)
  2. Go to the "Newsfeed tab" in the Admin Dashboard
  3. Click "Preview" and wait 10 seconds. If you are happy with what you see then click "Post"
  4. Note: You can Delete or Edit a Newsfeed post at any time

2. Create your own text while pulling through an image or video from another site

  • You can also add your own content and paste a link to another site to pull through the video or image

  1. Copy the link to the YouTube clip or website that you want to link to. (this example is of the Sacred Heart Girls' College New Plymouth winning the regional Stage Challenge performance)
  2. Write a brief comment and paste the link
  3. Click on "Preview" to view and "Post" if you are happy with it
  4. Note: When viewed on the MyMahi Student App the video will play in the newsfeed.

3. Create your own text and upload an image

  • You can post brief news and information and upload your own image without having to link anywhere else

  1. Just write some text and upload an image (This example is for the Palmerston North Boys Clay Target Shooting Team)
  2. Click on "Preview" to view and "Post" if you are happy with it
  3. Note: Text is limited to 300 characters so keep it short.
    [We limit the text so that the article doesn't take up too much space on the mobile newsfeed]

4. Post an article, photo(s) or a video from a public Facebook page

  • You can also paste a link to a post on Facebook but it needs to be a publicly accessible page (ie no sign-in required).

  1. Go to the Facebook page and click on the date of the post to open it

  2. Copy and paste the link into the MyMahi newsfeed

  3. Click on "Preview" to view.
    Important: If the post doesn't pull through the Facebook image then you can upload an image yourself.
    "Post" once you are happy with it

The benefits of the school Newsfeed

If you want to get important information out in front of your students, the MyMahi Newsfeed is the way to go.

In this final example, students are asked to register for a sport with a direct link to the registration form