These instructions provide students with a feed from their school’s KAMAR SMS into the free MyMahi student mobile & web app. The feed provides them with:

  1. their academic results
  2. their timetable & school events (calendar)
  3. school daily notices


1. Instructions to access your MyMahi Admin Dashboard

  1. If your organisation has not yet been given Administrator access to the MyMahi Admin Dashboard then complete this order form
  2. Click on the “Redeem Invitation Code” button in the invite email that you will soon receive to activate your MyMahi Account (You will be required to log in)
  3. You should now be logged into the business/admin dashboard for your school (eg below)

If you are already an Administrator then just login to MyMahi and go to the Admin Dashboard:

2. Instructions to enable the KAMAR feed for students

(via the MyMahi Admin dashboard & KAMAR SMS Admin)

Part 1. Activate the KAMAR Integration (in your MyMahi Admin Dashboard)

Part 2. Generate a KAMAR token (in your MyMahi Admin Dashboard)

Part 3. Create KAMAR directory service for MyMahi (in the New KAMAR version)

Note: You will need KAMAr Administrator access to complete these steps

IMPORTANT - Make sure there are NO SPACES either BEFORE or AFTER the URL (step 7 above) after you have pasted it into KAMAR

Any spaces will throw up an error after step 13

Congratulations. You have now connected your school's KAMAR feed for students to access via MyMahi.

Please allow 24 hours for the initial sync of all of your school’s data before checking with students.

3. Suggested instructions to give students (for email, daily notices etc)

Instructions for students:

All students are invited to log in to the free MyMahi web app at on your laptop or mobile. Important: Log in to MyMahi with your school email address and you will have access to your timetable, assessment results, and the school daily notices.

The new mobile app is NOT in the App Store (iPhone or Android). Just add it to your home screen once you have logged in on your mobile web browser.