These instructions provide students with a feed from their school’s KAMAR SMS into the free MyMahi student mobile & web app. The feed provides them with these:


1. Instructions to access your MyMahi Admin Dashboard

3. Checking the sync.

4. Suggested instructions to give students

5. Questions and Answers about the Kamar Sync to MyMahi & the Digital Student ID

1. Instructions to access your MyMahi Admin Dashboard

  1. If your organisation has not yet been given Administrator access to the MyMahi Admin Dashboard then complete this order form
  2. Click on the “Redeem Invitation Code” button in the invite email that you will soon receive to activate your MyMahi Account (You will be required to log in)
  3. You should now be logged into the business/admin dashboard for your school (eg below)

If you are already an Administrator then just login to MyMahi and go to the Admin Dashboard:

Check that your school Logo has been added to MyMahi

This logo will appear on your students' Digital ID Cards

2. Instructions to enable the KAMAR feed for students

(via the MyMahi Admin dashboard & KAMAR SMS Admin)

Part 1. Activate the KAMAR Integration (in your MyMahi Admin Dashboard)

Part 2. Generate a KAMAR token (in your MyMahi Admin Dashboard)

Part 3. Create KAMAR directory service for MyMahi (in the New KAMAR version)

Note: You will need KAMAr Administrator access to complete these steps

IMPORTANT - Make sure there are NO SPACES either BEFORE or AFTER the URL (step 7 above) after you have pasted it into KAMAR

Any spaces will throw up an error after step 13

Congratulations. You have now connected your school's KAMAR feed for students to access via MyMahi.

3. Checking the sync.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the initial sync of all of your student data including photos 

To check that the sync is successful you should:

  1. Check on MyMahi Admin to confirm that all the data has synced  (see screenshot below)
  2. Ask a student to log in to MyMahi with their school email address and 
    1. check that their MySchool menu link and data is showing
    2. check that their School ID is showing on their profile link.

4. Suggested instructions to give students

RECOMMENDED: Resources to inform your students about the My School features

Instructions for students (Email or Daily Notices):

All students are invited to log in to the free MyMahi app at on your laptop or mobile. Important: Log in to MyMahi with your school email address and you will have access to your digital school ID, timetable, assessment results, and the school daily notices. It is recommended that you upload your vaccine certificate PDF to your MyMahi profile also.

The new mobile app is NOT in the App Store. Just log in on your native browser and click install in the menu.

5. Questions and Answers about the Kamar Sync to MyMahi & the Digital Student ID

  • How much does the MyMahi Digital ID cost?
    It costs nothing. It is free for all NZ schools and will always remain so.
  • How secure is the sync to MyMahi?
    It is very secure. Our MyMahi Platform has been independently security tested and passed with flying colours.
  • How do our students access the My School features?
    They simply log in to MyMahi with their school email (Google or Microsoft) which then matches that stored in your Kamar SMS.
  • Does this create extra work for our teachers?
    No, absolutely not. This service is for your learners.
  • Once we set this up, how do we communicate this to our students?
    We have taken care of that for you. Just choose from our range of posters and presentation resources here 
  • What about students that don't have access to a mobile phone?
    You can print cards for those students only. We recommend Plasticard where you can easily upload selected students' photos and information onto their site. Their pricing is very reasonable and they can get printed cards back to you in less than 3 days.
  • What if we have already issued ID cards to our students?
    No problem. Why not offer them the school-branded digital ID as well. If they lose their card then they can use ours which is on their mobile device.
  • Is the school-branded and issued MyMahi digital ID widely accepted?
    In just one month we have had over 70 secondary schools across NZ request the feature. We expect this number to more than double in the next few weeks. We have had no reports of any organisation not accepting it as a valid ID.
  • What if we haven't taken student photos yet?
    No worries. You can activate the digital ID right now for those that already have photos. Any new or updated photos added to Kamar will automatically sync through and replace the old one.
  • What about new students arriving at the school during the year?
    Just take their photo, upload it to Kamar, and their digital ID will automatically appear for them on MyMahi
  • What happens if a student leaves during the year?
    Once you designate a student as a leaver in Kamar, their ID will remain for one month only. After 31st October all IDs will remain until 1st March the following year
  • Can students tamper with their ID photo or details?
    No, the ID is tamper-proof. It only appears when they log in with their school email account. Of course, they should not share their email login with others. Also, the MyMahi logo displays as a changing hologram on the ID which cannot be faked.
  • What if I have other questions?
    That's fine. Just email