About Shared Notes & To-dos?

Mentors who work with a group of learners are now able to share notes and a To-do list with an individual learner as a result of a one-to-one mentoring meeting.

Shared Notes and To-dos can only be created and edited by a Mentor with Learners only having view access.

The Mentor has the option to give their learner view access to (share) specific Notes and To-dos while keeping others private only to themselves. They can also tick off a To-do (their own or the learner's) as complete.

Create and Share Notes and To-Dos with a learner

Go to the group that a student belongs to, open their profile, then click on Notes or To-Dos

Create Notes, Edit Notes and Share chosen notes with the learner

Create To-Dos, Share Tos with a chosen learner. Tick To-Dos as complete

Learner View of their Notes and To-Dos

The learner logs in and goes to Groups and then clicks on the Shared Notes/To-Dos icon

All notes and to-dos that are shared are visible to the learner.  Any notes that are not shared will not be visible to the learner. Notes also show the date that they were created: