What is MyMahi Rewards?

  • MyMahi Rewards is designed to support kura/school PB4L School-Wide programmes or any school or organisation wanting to encourage positive learner behaviour aligned to their school-wide or organisation's values.
  • The system is simple and easy to use resulting in less work for teachers with better outcomes for students.
  • MyMahi Rewards was designed in consultation with current PB4L schools and will be continually developed and improved based on user feedback.
  • MyMahi Rewards is a paid add-on feature to the free school-wide mentoring platform. If you wish to find out more or order then email

1. Set School-wide Values

IMPORTANT: Only someone with MyMahi Administrator access can complete this step.

  • Up to 6 values can be created.
  • You should enter them in the order that you want them to appear on the Mentor/Teacher view

2. Mentors/Teachers Giving and Viewing Learner Reward Points

Mentors can give and view reward points in two ways:

EITHER: via a Mentor Group

  1. Open your group by clicking on it
  2. Select "Rewards" then "Give Rewards"
  3. Select the student(s), value(s), write an optional comment, and "Submit"

  4. View Rewards that are given to your group either "Today" or "This Year" by yourself, or any other owner, of your group

  5. View an individual's overall Rewards Points Record - includes points awarded by any school staff.

You can search for and give rewards to any student in your school who is not in one of your groups.

Students who are NOT connected to at least one mentor group will not appear.

  1. On the main mentor screen, select "Rewards" then search for a name and choose the student
  2. Choose value(s), write an optional comment, and "Submit"
  3. View Points awarded by anyone in the school. "Usable points" are "Total Points" awarded minus "Consumed Points"

3. Consuming / Redeeming Points

A Learner's Usable Points can be redeemed at any time for actual rewards.

Only someone with "Rewards Manager" or "Mentor Manager" permissions can do this. 

A MyMahi Administrator can activate this permission with these instructions.

  1. A Mentor Manager searches for an individual student (see above), and then clicks on "Redeem"

  2. Enter in the number of points to be redeemed (consumed) and what the actual reward is.
    The redeemed points will show up in the transactions and the usable points total.

4. What Learners see

  1. Learners click on "Groups" (web or mobile)
  2. The learner clicks on the points total to view their rewards points transactions

5. Rewards Shop

1. Creating the Rewards Shop

It can be made easier to issue actual rewards by adding items to the Rewards Shop. This also serves as a motivation for learners who can see these items. Only MyMahi Administrators can add items to the rewards shop:

2. Issuing from the Rewards Shop:

When giving out actual rewards to students in exchange for points, these items will now be made available. You can still do a manual extry as previously shown.

3. Learner view of Rewards Shop

Learners can see what is available in the rewards shop in groups.

6. Rewards Analytics

All Mentors/Teachers have access to the entire school's rewards analytics:

On the main screen click on "Analytics" and then use the drop-down to view the Rewards analytics

Here you can view:

  1. the annual summary graphically

  2. ranking of points received by learners

    • can be filtered by day, week, month or year
    • each column, including individual values, can be sorted by
    • The view also has the Aggregated Total including the number of learners
    • the filtered view can be exported into a CSV (spreadsheet) file.

  3. a ranking of points awarded by mentors/teachers

    •  filtered by day, week, month or year which you can also export into a CSV (spreadsheet) file

7. Intergroup Competitions

Due to popular demand, we have added the GROUP FILTERING feature so that schools can run competitions between groups such as:

  • Inter-class competitions
  • Inter-form competitions
  • Inter-house competitions
  • Any inter-group competition that you can think of...

To make this work all you need to do is:

  1. Create a separate group, if not done already, for each group that you want to compare
  2. Invite all your group members to join
  3. Go to the Rewards Analytics for your organisation
  4. Choose the Filter you want to view - day, week, month, year
  5. Choose the group you want to see. Download a CSV file if you want

Note: All points awarded to the individuals in your group via individual or other group awarding also count towards the total.