What is MyMahi Projects?

  • MyMahi Projects gives schools/kura and other organisations an easy process for learners or workers to provide a portfolio of evidence of required learning.
  • Any Mentor can create a Project Template allowing others to easily assign a project to learners in their group or across the entire school or organisation.
  • In a nice easy view on both web & mobile, learners can view requirements and resources and upload their evidence
  • Learners can submit individual sections for review to their teacher for feedback and/or sign-off

1. Create a Project Template

  • Any mentor/teacher can create a project template which is then available to all other mentors.

  1. Go to the "Projects" Tab in the Mentor Dashboard and click on "Manage Templates"
  2. Click on "Add Project Template"
  3. Give the Project Template an appropriate title then click "Create".
    Note: This can be edited and is Not the name that the learners will view when it is assigned.
  4. Click on the Project Template to add and edit content
  5. In the Overview Section write a description for your learners explaining what the project is about.
    You can also add links to online resources. You cannot upload resources. See the example below:
  6. Create Project Sections (unlimited number) and give each of them a name.
    Important: At the moment you are unable to move sections so it is important to get it right the first time. The ability to move a section will be added at a future time.
    Note also that you can give each section a different colour.
  7. Now add instructions for each section along with links to resources. See the example below:

The project template saves automatically and can be edited and updated at any time by any teacher/mentor

2. Assign a Project to Learners

Any Mentor/Teacher can assign a project to individual learners or groups of learners that they have access to.

If you want to assign a project to all learners in a school then it is best that it be done by a Mentor Manager via groups as they have access to all of the created groups.

2.1. Assign a project to learner(s) via groups

  1. Go to the "Projects" Tab in the Mentor Dashboard and click on "Assign Project"
  2. You need to do the following THREE things before you Assign Project:
    1. Select your template
    2. Give the project a name (this is the name of the project on the learner profile)
    3. Choose the Groups and/or Individuals within any groups that you wish to assign the project to
  3. Once Assigned all learners will receive an email notifying them

IMPORTANT - Once you assign a project then it cannot be edited at the learner end. It is just like handing out a paper version, ie you cannot change it once printed and handed out.

2.2. Assign a project to a learner via their individual profile

  1. Open up a learner's profile and click on "Projects"
  2. Click "Assign Project
  3. Choose the "Project Template" and give the Project an appropriate "Title" then click "Assign"
  4. Once assigned the Project will appear under the student's profile along with their progress (see below)

IMPORTANT - Once you assign a project then it cannot be edited at the learner end. It is just like handing out a paper version, ie you cannot change it once printed and handed out.

3. Learners completing a Project

3.1. Learners Access their project(s) via the menu in MyMahi Learner

3.2. Adding Evidence

  1. Learners can add Text Evidence including Links in the "Response" section
  2. Learners can upload an unlimited number of Files as evidence including documents, images, sound files, video files
  3. Evidence can be added from the learners "Resource Hub" or by "File Upload"
  4. When uploading a file, learners need to give a "Title", choose a "Category", select and Upload the File, and can give a "Description
    (this is optional). They then click "Upload"

3.3. Submit a Project Section for Review

Learners can request any section of their project be reviewed.

4. Mentor/Teacher Reviewing a Project Section

4.1. Teachers can access all projects from learners that they have access to within their groups. 

These can be filtered by:

  1. Ready for review - all projects with a section review request from a learner
  2. Complete - all projects that have been completed
  3. In Progress - all projects that are incomplete
  4. All - All of the above

4.2. Review a project section 

Teachers can write feedback comment(s) and either:

  1. Click Reviewed but Incomplete - more evidence might be needed
  2. Click Reviewed and Complete - effectively signing off this section

5. Notifications

There are a number of notifications that occur around projects. They are:

5.1. Project Assigned

When a Project is assigned each learner is notified immediately by email with a direct link to their project.

5.2. Project Reviewed

  1. When a learner requests a section review then each group owner that the student is in will get an email
    (Please note that this is likely to change later so that only the group owner(s) that the project was assigned through receives a notification)

  2. When a review is completed and/or an assignment section completed then the learner receives a further notification

6. Deleting an Assigned Project

Note: Deleting an assigned project by a learner or mentor does NOT delete a Project Template.

6.1. Deleting a Project by a Mentor/Teacher - WITHIN 30 Days of Assignment

  • Any Mentor/Teacher with access to Projects can delete the copy of student project on the organisation's Mentor Dashboard within 30 days of when the project was assigned
  • This is to enable the deletion of projects that were incorrectly assigned. 
  • This also deletes the learner's copy on their MyMahi Learner profile.
    (The only exception to this is if the Learner leaves the provider organisation/school in their MyMahi profile)

6.2. Deleting a Project by a Learner/Student

  • A student can at any time delete an assigned project.
  • This will also remove the Mentor/Teacher view of that student's project on the organisation/school Mentor Dashboard.

7. When a Learner has left your organisation/school

Once a learner leaves your organisation/school by:

  1. either being deleted (by the organisation) from all groups
  2. or deleting themself out of all organisation groups (see screenshot below) 

Then any assigned project cannot be deleted:

  1. either on the Learner profile by the Mentor Organisation
  2. or on the Mentor Organisation Dashboard by the Learner